GF Review: Trader Joe’s Brownie Mix!

Stuck indoors today, so I was inspired to make some brownies to go with my coffee before settling into a long day of studying…

This brownie mix from Trader Joe’s didn’t seem very promising while I was preparing it for the oven…(the batter tasted…YUCK). But I’ll admit that the finished product is not bad! It’s made of rice flour and chocolatey goodness. 🙂

The recipe calls for half a cup of oil, which is why the brownie turned out as moist as it did…for those with caloriephobia, you can substitute the oil for apple sauce. If someone tries this substitution, let me know how that option turns out!

Coffee, check! Chocolate, check! Now I’m ready to get back to the books!

Carpe diºem

Who: Diana and Emily are two medical students who can finish each other’s sentences.

What: Diana recently learned that she is gluten intolerant, so she will be sharing about her experiences with the gluten-free lifestyle. Emily will be sharing her favorite pick up lines! We’ll both be posting all sorts of other random goodness.

Where: Currently posted in DC.

When: During study breaks!

Why: Because sharing is caring!