It’s that time of year, and it’s way better than Christmas! Fashion’s Night Out, abbreviated FNO, will be taking the states by storm TONIGHT!!! Sales will be on, refreshments will be had, and smiles will be flashed!

In Georgetown, M St. and Wisconsin Ave. will be littered with shoppers donning champagne in one hand and goodies in another while they peruse the season’s best.  Last year Emily, Alice and I had an amazing time at this event, and I even won a raffle! So grab your girlfriend and shop till you drop!

To help plan your outing in DC tonight, I’ve identified the shops that will be offering some worthy discounts. Those with the stars are where you can fetch a flute of bubbles! For more information, check out www.FNOgeorgetowndc.com

ALDO 10% off

*Charm 50% off

Ella-Rue 40% off

*Hu’s 80% off

*Karen Millen 20% off

Lacoste 20% off of $150

Maxstudio 25% off

Papyrus 20% off single item

Urban Chic 15% off

Vineyard Vines 10% off

The Traveling Gym

Chances are good that you’ve heard your body could use some exercise every day. But for those who are busy globe trotters or regular business travelers, finding time to exercise can be challenging, and a gym may not always be accessible. Although many great workout routines are now more focused on using your own body weight, packing your suitcase with some light equipment may be a good idea if you’re not sure what might meet you at your next destination.

Two of my favorite light-weight pieces are the jump rope and these Gliders.


The jump rope is a great cardio alternative to the treadmill, and can get your heart rate up pretty quickly. Certainly a rope made of any material could do, but a light-weight plastic one (like the one pictured) may be the best option for your suitcase.

Gliders are round disks that help reduce friction, and are great for doing variations of the mountain climber. To do the basic mountain climber, place each foot on the Gliders, assume the push-up/plank position, and shuffle your feet like you’re scaling the floor by tucking your knee to your chest. This exercise targets the abdominals while building core strength and agility. Although Gliders aren’t completely necessary, they can help you climb faster, making your work out more efficient. This exercise is best on a tiled bathroom floor, since most hotel rooms are carpeted.

And of course don’t forget to stay hydrated and wipe off your sweat!

Study Break: Conversation Starters

When I’m not cramming biochem pathways or reading about mucor, I like to dive into the minds of great people. Tom Plate’s artful interviews make me feel as though I’ve participated in the rendez-vous, unraveling the deepest thoughts of the greatest leaders in the pacific. Understanding them helps me understand their country, the culture they serve and their personal passions. I absolutely loved being transported to Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand for quick study breaks, and can’t wait to find myself at the next destination…

Until then…mechanisms of action!


Currently Trending: Blogging in Style

Been shopping for a bag to carry my iPad, and I scored this beautiful Rebecca Minkoff cross body at Belle&Clive. It’s well padded with a protective cushion but still very light weight. Super ❤ that it’s studded with style, and now I can blog on the go!


My friend Alice just took a plunge on the new iPad yesterday, and I’m excited for her because this tablet has changed my life for the better! To start dressing the iPad, I highly recommend J.Crew’s iPad cases. They are designed for iPad 1 & 2, but still fit the new iPad just fine. I sense they might be discontinued soon…they are currently deeply discounted.


Currently Trending: Essentials for camping in the library.

Must have essentials for camping at the library: the 32oz. Alex water bottle, the can’t live-without backpack thermos, and fresh fruit! It’s borderline embarrassing how much I love these things, but I think it’s worth sharing because it can change your life for the better too!

The Alex water bottle may look like any other water canteen, but it is 100x better because you can open it from it’s mid-section to give it a thorough wash. Perfect for the obsessive mysophobe! It also comes in a smaller 20 oz.

Since the backpack thermos, coffee has never been better. The flip-top design keeps the spout clean and spill-proof which is what makes it stand out for other Thermos products. It keeps hot things hot for much much longer than your average travel mug… And yes, you are right: this is what thermi are supposed to do… but it’s ability to defy thermodynamics still fascinates me! 12 hours+ of hot coffee… amaZING!!!

Fresh fruit. The best snack ever, period.