GF Review: Mac Fail.

Please don’t judge…but before taking the gluten free vow, Kraft’s Easy Mac was one of my guilty pleasures. In attempt to find a substitute for the naughty comfort snack, I tried Trader Joe’s Gluten Free Rice Pasta and Cheddar. Although the end product looked similar, the taste was completely off. I also had to modify the recipe to get the right consistency in the sauce (i.e. allow the soupy mess to sit around and coagulate like a giant blood clot) and the texture of the pasta was expectedly distracting. Well, unless I find a better GF option, it’s hasta-la-vista to easy styled macaroni and cheese!


Worth mention is the biggest joke on the back of the box.


Mac Face #1= hilarious LIAR. Mac Face #2 = speaks the truth.



GF Review: Study Snacks that Make the Grade

Not long ago, my best friend Karen was on a Lära Bar binge! So I decided to pick up a few flavors of the date-based bars to see what all the excitement was about, and to see if I could find a favorite for myself. Although I have yet to try them all, my current verdict: a toss up between the tart Apple Pie and the denser Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip. In general, Lära Bars = a delicious study snack, and I will definitely be carrying these around in my white coat pocket when 3rd year rotations begin.



I know they don’t seem aesthetically appetizing, but if you can manage to look past that, you’ve got yourself a winning bar!