Currently Trending: Essentials for camping in the library.

Must have essentials for camping at the library: the 32oz. Alex water bottle, the can’t live-without backpack thermos, and fresh fruit! It’s borderline embarrassing how much I love these things, but I think it’s worth sharing because it can change your life for the better too!

The Alex water bottle may look like any other water canteen, but it is 100x better because you can open it from it’s mid-section to give it a thorough wash. Perfect for the obsessive mysophobe! It also comes in a smaller 20 oz.

Since the backpack thermos, coffee has never been better. The flip-top design keeps the spout clean and spill-proof which is what makes it stand out for other Thermos products. It keeps hot things hot for much much longer than your average travel mug… And yes, you are right: this is what thermi are supposed to do… but it’s ability to defy thermodynamics still fascinates me! 12 hours+ of hot coffee… amaZING!!!

Fresh fruit. The best snack ever, period.